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An Employment Law and Civil Rights Law Firm

Dedication makes the difference.

Attorney Nicole Gainey is dedicated to helping every client pursue their Seattle employment law claims whether they are concerned about racial discrimination, sexual harassment, or retaliation for whistleblowing.

Gainey Law carefully screens each case and takes the time to research the situation before committing to team with any one client. This assures you that if the attorney takes your case, she will bring her full attention to your claims.

Gainey Law currently offers no cost phone consultations. Contact us for more information about your potential claims.

Nicole G. Gainey

Attorney Nicole Gainey focuses her practice on civil legal matters with an emphasis on employment disputes. She is determined to help clients find justice when they have been discriminated against or harassed at work.

I am determined to work hard to earn my clients respect and appreciation every day. I fight for you when you need it most.

                                                   Nicole G. Gainey